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Double Standard @ Print Propaganda :  

Reanalyzing the Book Industry 


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/my-photo-14-january-2013.jpg Unlike EMPIRICAL research often funded in the Western universities, the CONCEPTUAL research has not usually had any Sponsor! But this kind of Intuitive (or Analysis + Intuition) based Research — if done correctly — is much faster and super professional to conclude things when there is dearth of data or agnosticism or a seemingly endless debate!! If you wait for the "data" still, you can; but your business may halt. And you can't take the best decision in advance. 


The Print-book industry sinks into history at a much faster rate than any Empiric research in the West is ever grasping! Their society might still upload so many PDFs of such University/etc-sponsored studies for Free. E.g. the Print-books have still invincible demand, the Print-book sells at least in the 3rd world, etc, etc. 


But My Conceptual Research based E-booklet, addressing the same "P-books vs E-books" topic from quite a different angle, (letting go of the Emotional & Sentimental conclusions when exactly are they required, and letting go of the over-emphasis on data and its own analysis based conclusion when exactly is it required,) is now up for SALE 




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