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The central topic of the website is: BOOK INDUSTRY. 

Also known as "Publishing Industry". As the word 'Publishing' by default means Book-publishing.

Have you ever wondered why self-publishing is now — in general —considered healthier than the traditional, despite there being the so-called allure of the publisher imprints? The modern (and likely a rising) trend is that, the publishing path is increasingly rendered gentle. In addition to aiming profit. If this succeeds, while making money, such an approach may well lead to more books — i.e. entertainment & ideas — and that too in even better qualities.  

In traditional publishing, there is a potential bondage reducing the energy levels in the writer, even if they succeed. An energy that’s all the more important to be expressed and sustained in the Internet era. The audience might want more book productions, and in eventually better quality thanks to a positive new environment.  

My guidance & tips however, even vary from the current Western trends in self-publishing. 


Text Colours 

In this website, my text colours have a specific code:

RED = The Title of Blog Posts

BLUE = Extra Webpages inside or Other Hyperlinks outside

GREEN = The Title of Non-blog Posts

VIOLET = Highlights 

OTHERS = Special Meaning (or may have no meaning as such)

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